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L E S L I E | C H A S E

( leslie/ember | dec. 1, 1995 | she/her | oregon, usa )

leslie is a young sorcerer who is also known as the wolf of storms. she's thin in apperaance, with a prominent hourglass figure. her brown hair is short, but the bangs are long enough to cover her right eye due to it being scarred and blinded. she lives in the garden of eden with her two wolf children, ciel and jade(n). some of leslie's powers include creating bolts of lightning, controlling storms, and healing.

leslie was bullied throughout her childhood, and often got depression and would self-harm in middle school until a friend put a stop to it. she has an older sister named mischelle, and was separated from her for several years. leslie thought mischelle was dead until some of her friends found her and several other females being held captive.

leslie is hesitant when it comes to new people, but once she grows to trust someone, she slowly starts to open up. because of her past of being bullied, she doesn't trust big groups of people that often. she's an introvert, and she also prefers being by herself.


C I E L | C H A S E

( ciel | aug. 7, 2011 | he/him | oregon, usa )

ciel is a young sorcerer, the son of the wolf of storms, leslie chase. he is a thin male with dirty blonde hair. he has piercing blue eyes and tan skin, too. ciel was born a wolf, and can turn into a human with wolf ears and a tail. he lives in a treehouse in the garden of eden, near his wolf pack. some of ciel's powers include creating lightning, controlling small storms, and turning into a lightning bolt.

ciel is a little insecure, but he doesn't like to show it. he wields dualswords and holds his head high. he's insecure due to his sexuality and his height. he has a twin sister, jade. they're fraternal, though, so they don't look completely alike. he resembles his father, jason finch, a lot.

ciel is slightly untrusting towards people. he does care for his family and his friends, though, and shows it. he acts a little cocky to hide his insecurity.



( lez | dec. 1, 1996 | they/them | oregon, usa )


hi my wolflings! i'm lez chase, and i'm the admin of this page. i'm a college sophomore, majoring in biology. i love drawing, writing, rping (obviously), stuffed animals, video games, the beach, and my amazing girlfriend.

i'm just your normal college student... i don't really know what i'm doing on the internet half the time, but i wouldn't know the people i know if i wasn't.

i'm not sure what i wanna do with my biology degree, but i'm very interested in the medical field, and i watch a lot of medical shows... i also watch a lot of astronomy shows, too, though, so anything can go at this point...

if you guys have any questions for me, you can ask. or if you just wanna read my admin page, it's in the link below. :3

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All images are found off of Google Images except for Jade and Olivia's images. Malevolent-Maxx drew Jade's image and I drew Olivia's.



M I L L I E | C H A S E

( millennia/millie | dec. 1, 1873 | she/her | london, england )

millie is a young sorcerer known as the wolf of ice. she has a thin figure and she has long brown hair. she has multiple whip lash and burn scars on her back and her stomach from being held captive by other sorcerers. millie is from the victorian era, and she lives with her father and her grandparents. her mother died giving birth to her. some of millie's powers include creating ice out of water in the air, controlling water, and healing.

millie is not the most typical victorian girl. she doesn't like the frilly dresses that she's expected to wear by society, and sometimes even dresses in male attire. she does so because it's more comfortable, and because she doesn't want to be preyed upon by older men. she has a betrothed fiance: her best friend elijah.

millie is quite friendly to most people. though she's learned from her grandmother to be cautious when talking to people. she is very caring, and is an intern at a hospital.


J A D E | C H A S E

( jade/jaden | aug. 7, 2011 | she/him | oregon, usa )

jade is a young sorcerer, the daughter of the wolf of storms, leslie chase. she has a thin-hourglassed body and light blonde hair. she also has emerald green eyes and tan skin. jade was born a wolf, and can turn into a human with wolf ears and a tail. she lives in a treehouse in the garden of eden, near her wolf pack. some of jade's powers include controlling the speed of time around herself or others, and healing.

jade is genderfluid, and she shifts between feeling like a girl, a boy, and agender. she doesn't let that get in her way, though, since she physically looks like she could be either a boy or a girl. she doesn't trust males very much other than her brother and father, due to events in her past. she is a twin, though she and ciel are fraternal twins.

jade is pretty friendly towards new people, but is slightly hesitant towards the men. she tries to stay positive, but she can be ornery sometimes towards friends.


O L I V I A | C H A S E

( olivia/oliver | may 1, 2008 | she/him | unknown )

olivia is a half demon, half human girl born to leslie chase’s sister, mischelle chase. she has gray skin and short black hair with light brown streaks. she has two sets of sharp bronze-colored horns, cat-like ears, and a long, thin devil tail. olivia was held captive along with her mother by her father and other demons. she was rescued, along with the other captives, by her aunt and other sorcerers. she lives in an apartment in the garden with her mother and younger brother. some of olivia's powers include creating shadow figures, morphing, and shadow fire.

olivia hates what she is. she doesn't like the fact that she’s half demon, and wishes she could be human, or at least look more human. she's monoecious, but had her uterus and ovaries forcibly removed by other demons. she is also quite frail, despite her heritage.

olivia is shy, but friendly. she can be very curious, though, and often pushes her boundaries. she is very loving of her family, though, and wants to protect them with her life.


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